Alaska Caribou Fat and Tenderloin - How to Render Oil From Fat

Alaska Caribou Fat and Tenderloin - How to Render Oil From Fat

Caribou Tenderloin Camp Cooking Recipe How To

I was successful with a big Alaskan caribou the day before and as a reward we would cook up some of the prime cuts for lunch. During the butchering process I pulled the tenderloins from the bull. Once back a camp I trimmed the loin and then cut it in half so it would fit in the small pan. I then covered the outside with generously with salt and pepper. I didn't take any oil or butter for cooking but that was not an issue because I trimmed some fat off the rump of the bull to render some oil.

How to Render Oil from Fat

To render fat and make oil for cooking, one must cut the fat into manageable pieces. I like about ½ square inch pieces. Then heat up a pan and melt the fat. Continue to heat at a low temperature until all the solid fat liquefies and any water evaporates. Then filter the solids from the liquid fat. One should be left with an oil that is similar to bacon grease once the pieces of bacon are taken out of the hot pan.

Cooking the Meat in the Rendered Oil

The oil should be good and hot in the pan and when the meat is placed in the oil it should sizzle and pop in the oil.  Cook and brown all sides of the meat until there is a nice brown crust on the outside of the meat. Browning the meat is a process that causes reactions in the proteins and amino acids in the meat to carmelize. The caramelization not only adds flavor to the meat but also helps the inside of meat retain moisture. I cooked the meat in the pan until it was the meat was medium rare. I then wrapped the meat in foil and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Next I sliced the meat against the grain in ½ wide steaks. We enjoyed the delicious bounty and with each bite we were reminded of the real reason we marched up the hill and harvested this animal; sustainable, renewable, and tasty meat!    

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